Johnson for Wyoming


A Repulican in Name Only (RINO), has held House District 8 for the past two years. He’s voted against Wyoming principles, in every single area. A win in this race will be a vote to replace the House Leadership and their left leaning ways.

Will you pray for Steve Johnson and open your hand as your brother, by donating today?

The only way to grab this seat is to beat them by monetary means, they are well organized and very well funded by Democrats across the globe, we simply must do better, we simply must.

Whether your donation is in prayer, money, kind assistance, or a combination of all three. Please join me in restoring Wyoming’s lost values and principles.

DONATE NOW by credit or debit card
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Johnson for Wyoming
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Cheyenne, WY 82009

For individuals wishing to contribute to candidates for non-statewide political offices, please note that contributions are capped at $1,500 per election per individual. We encourage all supporters to adhere to this limit to comply with electoral finance laws.