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Press Release

Steve Johnson a Righteous Republican Announces Candidacy for Wyoming House District 8

Steve Johnson, a righteous Republican, announces their candidacy for Wyoming House District 8 Cheyenne, WY, on April 5th, 2024.

Mr. Johnson is a Cheyenne native and a stable pillar in the community. He notoriously conducts himself with integrity, passion, and hard work. Johnson is known for doing his due diligence by researching and investigating the important issues at home and listening to the grassroots of his community. His love for his state and country is a driving force to ensure that future generations have been placed in safe hands.

Key priorities of Mr. Johnson’s campaign include advocating for property tax reform to support Wyoming citizens in retirement and young families seeking home ownership. Recently, Governor Gordon vetoed the only realistic property tax relief bill to pass this session. His veto letter makes it perfectly clear he supports the good old boys of Wyoming over the citizens of Wyoming; over 3400 homes are currently in danger of being sold for back property taxes. The $11.5 billion budget passed by our Legislature, which is an 18% increase over the last budget, Governor Gordon tells us that 2% of that budget cannot be used to give the citizens some property tax relief. A change in House leadership begins in House District 8; Steve Johnson would appreciate your vote on August 20th.

Additionally, he vows to combat the federal bureaucratic overreach that threatens Wyoming’s livelihood and natural resources, ensuring the state retains its autonomy, prosperity, and thoughtful growth.

Mr. Johnson is very passionate about taking absolute Republican control of Laramie County and joining forces with the rest of Wyoming to change the current failed leadership. He unapologetically stands for pro-life, parental school choice, opposing gender transformation in children, and monitoring adult content that is being pushed by the leftist agenda in our schools.

As an ardent supporter of Second Amendment Rights, he is upset that Governor Mark Gordon vetoed the open carry bill handed to him by the Wyoming Freedom Caucus. When elected, Mr. Johnson will become a member of the Wyoming Freedom caucus and vote accordingly.

Since 2008, Steve has been actively involved with the Laramie County Republican Party in getting committee leadership away from the far left-leaning moderates, AKA Democrats in disguise. When 31 Republicans vote as a block with the five registered Democrats against 26 righteous Republicans, Wyoming has a big problem. Steve has no shame in pointing out the voting records of those in the Legislature. In today’s economy, we cannot guess which candidates will uphold the constitution, the Wyoming Republican platforms, and resolutions; those opposed should be honest and join the Democrat party.

Steve Johnson, a father of five and grandfather of nine, is deeply invested in the future of Wyoming. He believes that the changes the majority of Wyoming citizens want and need in the Legislature are long overdue. With a steadfast commitment to serving the people of Wyoming, he brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a clear vision for a prosperous future to the race for Wyoming House District 8. His track record of community involvement and his passion for public service make him a candidate you can trust.

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