Johnson for Wyoming


Issues That Must Be Addressed

Property Taxes

Steve Johnson advocates for significant property tax reform, emphasizing the need for a system that does not merely cap future tax increases but actively reduces the tax burden. He is committed to reversing policies that tax homeowners on unrealized capital gains, which can force families out of their homes due to rising costs. His approach focuses on allowing citizens to retain more of their earnings and supporting homeownership sustainability.

Parental Rights

Steve Johnson is a staunch defender of parental rights, recognizing parents as the primary stakeholders in their children’s futures. He opposes the increasing governmental overreach that seeks to exclude parents from critical decisions affecting their children’s health, safety, and education. Steve pledges to protect these rights from being undermined and to ensure that parents remain at the forefront of their children’s lives.

Wyoming Resources

Understanding the immense value of Wyoming’s natural resources, Steve Johnson is dedicated to defending the state’s autonomy over its land and resources against federal interference. He is committed to reminding the federal government that decisions about Wyoming’s future should be made by Wyomingites, ensuring that state interests guide our development and preserve our way of life.

Where I Stand


Steve Johnson stands unapologetically pro-life, advocating for the rights of the pre-born child at all stages of development. His policies support protecting the sanctity of life, aiming to create and uphold laws that safeguard these values. Steve believes in fostering a culture that values life from conception to natural death, reflecting Wyoming’s strong pro-life stance.

Pro-Fiscal Responsibility

Governor Mark Gordon signs two supposed tax relief bills into law. HB003 could save you 50% if you could contort yourself and your tax return, This feel good bill will benefit less than 1% of Wyoming tax payers. You won’t know it till next spring when you get your new tax assessment, AFTER the elections. The other bill locks in the outragious tax increases of the last 5 years and promises not to do that again.

Pro-School Choice

Steve Johnson champions school choice, advocating for a system that places the power of educational decisions back into the hands of parents and guardians. He supports the creation of educational opportunities through charter schools, vouchers, and other mechanisms that allow parents to choose the best educational settings for their children, free from government mandates.

Pro-2nd Amendment

As a life member of the NRA, Steve Johnson fervently supports the Second Amendment. He opposes any restrictions on the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, advocating for policies that protect individuals’ rights to defend themselves and their liberties.


​​Steve Johnson is dedicated to upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Any abuse of power by an elected official such as in this case needs to be addressed and those responsible need to pay the price.

Republican national Committee Woman Nina Webber was a victim of a political hit job, charged with a crime that did not happen. They come after Trump, they come after Nina Webber, they will not hesitate to come after you.

See details at Cowboy State Daily May 17th, 2023

Pro-States Rights

The Federal Government collects $8.5 billion yearly and returns just $3.8 billion to the State of Wyoming into the general fund. This $8.5 billion is collected from State Land managed by the Federal Government, a 61% management fee.

Pro-Efficient Government

Steve Johnson promotes an efficient government philosophy that minimizes bureaucracy and maximizes responsiveness and service to the public. He supports streamlining government functions to enhance transparency and effectiveness, ensuring government serves the people’s best interests with accountability.


If you only knew where your State money was spent, Wyoming Department of Health spend $3,000.00 to promote transgender event in the guise of AIDS awareness. Just the tip of the ice berg.